Our Philosophy on Missions:

The Summit Church in Green believes that it is not only important to get the life-changing message of Jesus Christ out to our own community (local missions), but also to places around the world (global missions). We certainly realize that it is not possible to support every single individual/church who is preaching the gospel, but our desire is to invest in a few ministries who are being faithful to God’s leading in their life.

How do we support our local and global missionaries? Our church must get involved in three ways – prayer support, financial support, and on-the-ground support. Prayer support involves asking God to accomplish much through the work of the missionary. Financial support is handled differently in every church, but here is how we will handle it. Ten percent of our monthly budget will be invested in local and global mission work. On-the-ground support means that as opportunities become available, we will send people from our church to invest time in each of the ministries we support.

We must do our part in getting the gospel out to every man, woman, and child!

Missionaries Justin and Jenny Burkholder

Justin and Jenny Burkholder

Missionaries to Latin America

We are just beginning the process of full-time missions. God has called us to plant churches in Latin America. We would love for you to look through our blog and get to know us!

- Justin and Jenny Burkholder

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Missionaries Josh and Denise Steward

Josh and Denise Steward

Missionaries to the Republic of Ireland

We have been called to surrender our lives to serve the Lord full time. About four years ago we committed to saying "yes" to God and to be radically obedient to Him. We traded in what WE wanted for what He would have us to do. We were not placed on this earth to serve ourselves and to be "comfortable." We have committed to a life of faith and complete trust in God and His plans. We began to pray earnestly for direction. He led us to become missionaries. We will obey. He called us to the Republic of Ireland. We will obey.

- Josh and Denise Steward

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Missionaries Tom and Bev Hawkins

Tom and Bev Hawkins

Missionaries to France

Our mission, in partnership with Greater Europe Mission, is to finish the job the Master Jesus gave us of letting everyone we meet know all about the incredibly extravagant generosity of God! (Acts 20:24)

- Tom and Bev Hawkins

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H2O Church at the University of Cincinnati

Kyle Barta

H2O Church at the University of Cincinnati

Kyle is a staff member of the H2O Church at the University of Cincinnati. He has a heart to see lives changed by the gospel. His primary roles include outreach and discipleship.  He is sent out through Great Commission Ministries and you can check out his profile the exciting things happening h2o Church on the campus of the University of Cincinnati.

Central Community Church

Central Community Church

Akron, Ohio

The Central Community Church is an inner city church in Akron, OH

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New Beginnings Church

New Beginnings Church

Wadsworth, Ohio

Do you ever wish you could have a "do-over", a "second chance", a "fresh start", or a "new beginning"? We believe you can - 2 Corinthians 5:17.

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